Your little one is extraordinary, where they grow up should be too.



Our design arm, JIGSAW works hand in hand with clients across the country to put together a space which is playful yet sophisticated.


Large or small, every bathroom should be worthy of the time we spend in them! Our project team helps you pick from the best essentials available out there, so your child enjoys their daily morning routines!


Siblings sharing a room, or simply some additional space for their friends to play with - our bunks are functional, safe and designed to please the whims and fancies of your child, or the child within you!


Whether it’s for the early learners or the teens, let your child power through their work with desks that are functional, organized and allow them to completely focus.



So your child can live out their fairy-tale dreams even after they wake up from their slumber!


Cause we know how to make this space a sanctuary for you and your little bundle of joy, taking care of everything you need, so you can focus on yourself and leave the rest to us.


Ever thought how much simpler it would be if there was someone who could organise your storage needs almost with a little whiff of magic? Our design experts understand the importance of space and space constraints.


Just so your child could create the best memories beginning from their very own habitat. Don't forget that they are amazing storytellers, and they would like the best one reserved for themselves.


We truly believe that the aesthetic shouldn't end where the parenting begins. 

Whether its selecting a specific product or reimagining the entire room, Kaji Kids along with its design arm, JIGSAW, endeavours to convert your interior dreams into reality. Our design team is available to assist you, no matter where in India you are located, to realise the potential of your space in a comprehensive approach. Whether you are designing your first nursery or remodelling your kids rooms, book your first online consult with us with no charge to you.


Our design process begins at the consultation stage where we understand YOUR needs and make it OUR own! Your taste and aesthetic forms the foundation of our design, where we look to elevate it to the next level.


The design process involves initial layouts, a storyboard with color palettes, furniture selections, material & textile choices. Bespoke designs are planned with skill & expertise, such that the child grows organically in their dream space.


We truly believe that only the 'details' make a good design - GREAT. Trained in our line of thought, our team also firmly follows the same when they present detailed drawings and creative proposals.



Please email us or chat with us for a smooth sailing consultation process!

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